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For someone who never intended to pursue an academic lifestyle, I’ve lasted remarkably long doing that. I've also dabbled in screenwriting. I recently completed my PhD in American History at LMU Munich with a dissertation on the nineteenth-century US Southwest. My current project on popular non-fiction books dealing with the crises of the 1970s led me to Washington, DC in 2013, and since October 2014, I can usually be found in Cologne, Germany. … Für jemand, der eigentlich nie studieren wollte, mache ich das schon recht lange. Wenn die Sterne günstig stehen schreibe ich auch Drehbücher. Anfang 2013 habe ich meinen Doktor in Amerikanischer Kulturgeschichte an der LMU München abgeschlossen. In meiner Dissertation ging es um den US-amerikanischen Südwesten des späten 19. Jahrhunderts. Mein derzeitiges Projekt dreht sich um populäre Gegenwartsdiagnosen aus der Krisenzeit der 1970er Jahre, und hat mich 2013 nach Washington, D.C., und seit Oktober 2014 nach Köln geführt.

2nd Tier Superstars, Episode 1: Nikon AF

In this inaugural entry for Second Tier Superstars (check out this post to see what the concept is all about), we’ll be taking a look at some autofocus Nikon SLRs from the late 80s and early 90s. Nikon Autofocus SLRs Nikon is behind many of the world’s most iconic cameras, and images. A preferred professional’s choice…


2nd Tier Superstars: The Setup

I announced 2nd Tier Superstars (2TS for short) last Sunday. It’s a new column about those cameras that aren’t talked about endlessly in forums, photography shows, and on blog posts as being the very best cameras for film photography. Second Tier Superstars is, instead, about those that are often neglected. Cameras that are less desirable than…

What to buy? Decisions, decisions!

New Column Announcement: 2nd Tier Superstars

Photography has never only been about the end product, whether it’s an Instagram post, a slide projected on a screen, or a print. It’s always also been an art form dependent on technology, process, and gear. Assume you’re about to get into film photography for real. Maybe you’ve exclusively shot with an iPhone so far.…

New York Second

Leave Behind

Leave behind the dread and dreary city. Leave its cars and trains and buses, and the people, the mass, moving place to place and all arriving individually, and never arriving all at once. Leave behind you the construction and its cranes and the loud noises and the silent swoosh of the barricaded trees, lining alleyways…


The Act of Cleaning

Cleaning is how we take ownership of things. I noticed this when I received a beaten up Nikon F801 camera, won on eBay (or “that auction site” as it is so often referred to when people want to avoid brands; making clear that our internet auction needs are pretty much monotheistic) for €11,05 plus shipping.…

Venque front

Almost There – A Review of the Venque Briefpack Utility XL

Why oh why, you may think, is a blog dedicated to photography reviewing bags now? And not even photo bags? What has the world come to? Simple: I have always liked bags, but I’ve never been a photo bag person. I think they’re generally meh-looking (too technical, too boring, too black nylon), and since I…

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