Departure Scheduled: Kiel in October

After a conference this past weekend, I found myself with an extra Sunday in Kiel. An active harbor by the bay and a brilliant fall’s day called for a walk of exploration.

I set out armed with 5 rolls of slide film, a Nikon F80 with two lenses (the 28 f/2.8 AF and the 50 f/1.4 AF). These slides will still have to be processed and scanned, but I also decided the activity in the port area was a good test for FilmicPro on my iPhone 6s.

I shot everything at 4K/75Mbps in Cinemascope mode (except for a short clip where FilmicPro strangely reverted to 720p, which is why I output the clip in 720p).

I decided to put in a few photos and threw it all together in iOS iMovie on the same phone I shot it with.

Essentially, it’s nothing more than a quick test/vacation video, but I was impressed enough by the FilmicPro/iMovie combination that I decided to post it here.

And, hey – I can always watch ships as they go sailing.


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