Archive Days: Gütersloh

These past years I’ve done a lot of traveling. Most of it has not been for pleasure, but for work. The kind of work I did (and do) requires research in archives in both Europe and the US. Even the best archive closes at some point in the afternoon or evening. This leaves one stranded in a strange city, alone, without much to do. These have been great opportunities for photography.

I am starting off my “Archive Days” series (which will dip into the past to pick out pictures from earlier trips, as well as add future journeys) with a post from one of the lesser known, not especially sought out corners of Germany: Gütersloh.

Home of the giant Bertelsmann media company – owners of, among other things, Random House, Alfred Knopf and Doubleday publishers, as well as most of the RTL group of tv and radio stations – Gütersloh is not home of much else. This does not make it a boring place to photograph however. Here, I found a strange, industrial charm as I ventured out with a Nikon F801s, Fuji Superia 200, and a Nikon AF 50/f1.4.

Come along.

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