Year: 2016

Archive Days: Marbach

After Gütersloh, I had another trip planned pretty much immediately. It was off to Marbach am Neckar, near Stuttgart. While Stuttgart is industrial, bustling, and often gray, Marbach has a distinctly rural and homey feel to it. And it is the home of an institution to which I was now traveling. The Deutsches Literaturachiv resides…

Departure Scheduled: Kiel in October

After a conference this past weekend, I found myself with an extra Sunday in Kiel. An active harbor by the bay and a brilliant fall’s day called for a walk of exploration.

I set out armed with 5 rolls of slide film, a Nikon F80 with two lenses (the 28 f/2.8 AF and the 50 f/1.4 AF). These slides will still have to be processed and scanned, but I also decided the activity in the port area was a good test for FilmicPro on my iPhone 6s.

I shot everything at 4K/75Mbps in Cinemascope mode (except for a short clip where FilmicPro strangely reverted to 720p, which is why I output the clip in 720p).

I decided to put in a few photos and threw it all together in iOS iMovie on the same phone I shot it with.

Essentially, it’s nothing more than a quick test/vacation video, but I was impressed enough by the FilmicPro/iMovie combination that I decided to post it here.

And, hey – I can always watch ships as they go sailing.


My modded Minolta XL-601 from ca. 1978

Project 36X

2013 was all about getting back into film photography for me. Going into 2014, I did mostly documentary and urban photography in my new surroundings on Washington, DC’s Capitol Hill. Having moved back to Germany, 2015 was the year of my 52rolls project. It was a blast, but difficult to keep up shooting and scanning…

52rolls 2015: Live and Learn

In December 2014 I decided to apply for Urban Hafner’s 52rolls project. I would commit myself to shooting (at least) 52 film rolls in 2015, develop them or have them developed, scan them, edit them, and put them up on the blog at with little essays I would write for each. To my own…

2nd Tier Superstars, Episode 1: Nikon AF

In this inaugural entry for Second Tier Superstars (check out this post to see what the concept is all about), we’ll be taking a look at some autofocus Nikon SLRs from the late 80s and early 90s. Nikon Autofocus SLRs Nikon is behind many of the world’s most iconic cameras, and images. A preferred professional’s choice…


2nd Tier Superstars: The Setup

I announced 2nd Tier Superstars (2TS for short) last Sunday. It’s a new column about those cameras that aren’t talked about endlessly in forums, photography shows, and on blog posts as being the very best cameras for film photography. Second Tier Superstars is, instead, about those that are often neglected. Cameras that are less desirable than…

What to buy? Decisions, decisions!

New Column Announcement: 2nd Tier Superstars

Photography has never only been about the end product, whether it’s an Instagram post, a slide projected on a screen, or a print. It’s always also been an art form dependent on technology, process, and gear. Assume you’re about to get into film photography for real. Maybe you’ve exclusively shot with an iPhone so far.…

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