Rollei 35 T, 1st roll

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Rollei 35 T, 1st roll, ein Album auf Flickr.

After yesterday’s post of my latest processed roll from the Rollei 35, I thought it made sense to actually begin this visual journey at the beginning.

Here’s the first roll shot with my 35 T, right after I bought it. It was a Fuji Provia 100 film, also bought at the camera store. The first two pictures, taken at the Laim S-Bahn station are actually in walking distance to the place I purchased the camera.

Unfortunately I hadn’t quite mastered the rewind mechanism at that point, so there is some light leakage, and some of the funky effects may be attributed to that.

Apart from that, I’m pleasantly surprised at the exposure / zone focusing accuracy of these. Especially since slide film is more tricky to expose than today’s wonderfully forgiving negative film, and this was my first attempt with the new camera.

There’s actually more contrast in some of the slides, the limiting factor in image quality is my cheap film scanner (DNT DigiScan TV 9.0). Nonentheless, I think the quality is acceptable for general internet use.

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