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I’m not assigned a truth or acuity. That’s what there is, that’s what goes, that’s what will fly. And here I go again, I try. I fill the page with life, or strife, or giving. Of thoughts and words all around, and the sound, the sound will halt me. The sound’s the salt, me, and you, and all of us will speak, and will understand, and shake their hand, and land, on that shore. And more. And more. There’s nothing greater than to be, to be free, and see, and we, yes we, will be. We’ll be. There’s talk of writing, and wrought of talking, as we’re walking, as we’re stalking the dreams that we felt, and the welt of the hurt of the blow hasn’t healed, but it’s sealed. No more crying, just more trying, let the crazies in, let them win. They’re off kilter, no filter, and I tried, tried hard to see what they saw and to see whether they could be right. Could be in sight. Good night would be a good place to end. Won’t end, I’ll defend that against you all, big and small, and fast and loose, if owl or moose, caboose, chose! What must be done will be done, and we won. Yes, pard, we won. How can you not? See the world out there, see the sea and smell the air that will take you there. Board that plane, fast that lane, you’ll make that gain. Trust me. Don’t rust, be a fighter and a lover, and a lighter of the light, yes, that light, that night we talked about, and saw that show about, be all grown-up about, no doubt. But grown-ups don’t make the world, they just own it. We’re young, and old, and lonely. But not. Not only.
There’s more to all of this. It’s a trip, that trip. Maybe there, maybe anywhere. We must distance ourselves from the liars, and the false friars of orders unwanted and unkempt, and untrue. I do, and so must you. I will not go back on that. It’s what I said, that’s that, let’s get whatever’s going going. Let’s cut loose, let’s run, lets, godammit, HAVE SOME FUN! That’s all there is, that’s what must bring us about. Let the flood come, let the rain in, wear your coat and don’t be cold, but brave the elements, brave the weather, whether now or never. Don’t be too clever. Live a little, says he, and what that means? It’s risk a little, lose a little, choose right, but choose a little. What we must make our priority is what we see. Remember that, we see!
Is this already it? Have I done it, am I late, have I filled the page?

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