Die richtige Einstellung

Aus einem Interview von MSNBC mit Peter Falk:

Frage: “You’re known all over the world as Columbo. Does it bother you that Columbo will probably be the lead in your obit?”

Antwort: “I never understood why … I guess I can’t, I can’t. I can’t believe that anybody … Let me put it this way. There are people out there working, trying to make a living. Do you think that they care whether or not an actor is typecast? I make a lot of dough. I get free seats, courtside basketball seats; they’re tough to come by. I get them; I sit there right on the court. I never look at the left side of the menu where the prices are. Why would I care that I got the chance to play one of the greatest characters in the history of television? I always answer that very quickly with it’s not cancer. It’s a great role. No, I don’t give it a second’s thought.”

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