Pictures from Portugal: Porto and Coimbra in March

When I travel for work, I still try to sneak…

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Going Holga

Film photography is fun for its surprises. These surprises come…

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A Walk in the Woods

Today is my birthday. Today I’m keeping it simple. Today…

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Subway train departing

For the Love of Slide

We all have our favorite mediums. We draw in ink,…

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Should You Do a 365 Photo Project?

It’s the beginning of the year, so naturally, people have…

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Archive Days: Marbach

After Gütersloh, I had another trip planned pretty much immediately.…

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A Favorite New Poet

I will I will tell you I’m gonna take a…

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Leica C2 Zoom

Leica C2 Zoom Review on 35mmc

I’ve written another camera review over here at 35mmc. It’s…

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Departure Scheduled: Kiel in October

After a conference this past weekend, I found myself with…

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Archive Days: Gütersloh

These past years I’ve done a lot of traveling. Most…

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My modded Minolta XL-601 from ca. 1978

Project 36X

2013 was all about getting back into film photography for…

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52rolls 2015: Live and Learn

In December 2014 I decided to apply for Urban Hafner’s…

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